Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Conversations from cohabitation (and texting)

After getting off the subway the other day, I sent this text to CB:

Me: I just saw a couple go through the PATH turnstiles holding hands over the turnstile. Thank you for never making me hold your hand while going through a turnstile. That would make us the worst.
CB: I love you for not wanting me to hold your hand through a turnstile. This is why we work.
Me: Indeed. We're MFEO.
CB: Conversation over. 


And this morning, this text conversation happened with a friend:

Mary: Are Ice T and Coco still together? I figured you would know since you are neighbors.
Me: I love that you know what to come to me with. Yep!
Mary: That is good!
Me: Speaking of which, did you see that Tori and Dean have a new reality show where they're in therapy trying to save their marriage after he cheated? As a human, I feel dirty, but as me I have already set my DVR.
Mary: Don't be mad, but I don't like her/them.
Me: How are we friends? I can't believe I never knew you didn't like Tori Spelling. It's like not knowing that you hate chocolate or something else I'd assume you'd like right along with me.
Mary: You gonna be ok??
Me: I mean, I suppose I’ll get over it. It’s like I never knew you at all.
Mary: I mean…I don’t hate her. I find her annoying in a big-eyed kinda way. Hated her character on 90210.
Me: Yeah, that’s a legit reason, big eyes and everything. And I seriously hated Donna Martin. Even though I love my Donna Martin Graduates t-shirt. I’m a mystery. I’m glad we had this little talk. We’re obviously very important people with big jobs and lives. 

Happy Wednesday everyone!


  1. Maybe I'm too old or too young, I don't know, but why do we care if she graduates?

    1. You're likely too cool to know this, honestly. But there was a "famous" 90210 episode where Donna Martin almost didn't graduate, and everyone held up signs that were protesting and said stuff like "Let Donna Martin Gradaute" and stuff. Hence, my Donna Martin Graduates t-shirt. God I'm a loser.

  2. Well... Now I just want to go watch 90210.

  3. How does a couple go through the turnstile holding hands? Is that even possible? John and I aren't coordinated enough to pull that up!

    1. Not easily, I'll tell you that. But they each went through a different turnstile, next to each other, and held hands over them. It was obnoxious. Or I'm just a jerk? One or the other.