Tuesday, November 20, 2012

And then a gangsta rapper and I went out for ice cream. In my head.

My new BFF's.

So in this week of giving thanks, I’m pretty sure it’s obvious who next on the list is: Ice and Coco.

I mean, there’s the obvious list of things to be thankful for when it comes to the world of Ice and Coco, but number one for me at the moment is the fact that they are opening an indoor dog park down the street from my apartment and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Also, CB couldn’t be more thrilled when we had this conversation about it the other night.

Me: I love Ice and Coco.
CB, silence.
Me: And now we’re totally going to become friends.
CB: Oh yeah? You’re going to become friends with Ice and Coco?
Me: Totally! I think we’ll take an instant liking to each other.
CB: Yeah, I’m sure you and Ice would have a lot to talk about.
Me: We definitely would. Also, they’re opening an indoor dog park down the street and so all I have to do is hang out there all the time and eventually I’ll run into one or both of them. And then we’ll become friends.
CB: Tell Ice that you loved the album “Cop Killer.”
Me: Dude. I need to build this friendship on honesty. He’ll take one look at me and know for sure that I’ve never heard that album.
CB: But it’ll show that you’re a fan from back in the day.
Me: I’ll just tell him how much I love “Law and Order: SVU.”
CB: Nah, you need to mention “Cop Killer.”
Me: No way! Not a chance. First of all, I don’t condone cop killing and so I think we need to just move past that. Second of all, look at me.
CB, looking.
Me: Right? There’s no WAY he’ll believe that.
CB: Yeah, you’ve got a point.
Me: Anyway, I can’t wait for them to open it because it’s going to be awesome and Mary is totally going to be jealous that I met Ice and Coco before she did.
CB: Have you considered the fact that you don’t have a dog to bring to this dog park?
Me: I actually did consider that, but I’ll just borrow one.
CB: You’re going to borrow a dog?
Me: Sure! Maybe I can borrow Cody.
CB: You’re going to borrow my cousin’s dog so that you can meet Ice and Coco?
Me: Um, duh. That’s what family is for.
CB: Please don’t bring this up at Thanksgiving.

Anyway, other than Ice and Coco, I'm also thankful for these guys today. I really can't get enough of 'em. 

Happy Tuesday, everyone! 


  1. You can do what I do and walk the cat on a leash. Seriously I do in the park at least 2 or 3 times a week and we always make new friends because what's crazier than a lady walking a cat on a leash?

  2. I would totally borrow a dog so I could meet Ice and Coco. Just in case, you should know the album was called Body Count, after the name of Ice's metal band.

  3. hahah, that video! "Boohda boodha boodha, WAT?" Those two are hilarious.
    I support your clever dog ploy, but I'm not sure what you would expect from the friendship. A conversation with coco sounds painful

    1. Possibly, but think about it this way: regardless, it has the makings of a tremendous blog post, no?

  4. New episodes of Ice and Coco are pretty much the only thing I will expressly, by choice get out of bed for. Also, when Richard Belzer does a cameo I i have to grab the arm of the couch and grit my teeth so I don't literally pee myself with excitement. You and Ice and Coco are the new besties - do not let any one pee on your dreams.