Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Funday...and Bruce Willis makes an appearance!

It’s Friday and we all know what that means….so let’s get to it!

Have you guys seen this little girl? Could we maybe draft her to play for the Jets? I’m just saying.


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Ok. So this week’s video of the week comes with a back story.

Last night I got home from work as CB was making dinner, so he told me to sit down and relax in front of the tv. I sat down and immediately, like, 18 curse words and lots of blood unfolded in front of me on screen and I was like “Uh, this isn’t relaxing.”

And then we had this conversation.

Me: What on earth is this?
CB: Die Hard!
Me, laughing: Um, you sounded just like that horrible guy I went on a date with years ago who yelled “Die Hard!” at me. (then I proceeded to reenact that tremendously awful date for him.)
CB: Well, it is a good movie.
Me: Honest to God, every guy I’ve ever told that story to has ended the conversation with the exact same thing. I don’t get it.
CB: It’s a classic.
Me: What’s the premise?
CB: How have you never seen Die Hard?
Me: I was busy watching Sleepless in Seattle. Anyway, what’s the premise?
CB: Bruce Willis is a cop visiting his ex wife, or estranged wife, or something, and they go to her work Christmas party where there are terrorists.
Me: That doesn’t even make any sense.
CB: Oh God, here we go…
Me: First of all, why would Bruce Willis be going all the way to LA from the East Coast to visit his ex wife? Are you sure they’re divorced?
CB: Maybe they’re just separated. I don’t know. And he wanted to see his kids.
Me: But I’m guessing the kids didn’t go to the Christmas party, so I would imagine he wants to get back together with her. Second of all, why are there terrorists at the Christmas party? That doesn’t seem very festive.
CB: They’re trying to rob her boss or something.
Me: What does her boss do?
CB: I don’t know, Beck, why do you ask so many questions?
Me: Because I like to be informed. Also, is that Mr. Winslow from Family Matters?
CB: Yes!! And he plays a cop in this movie, too, isn’t that crazy?
Me: Wait, why is Mr. Winslow in cahoots with Bruce Willis? Do they know each other?
CB: Bruce Willis is a cop too.
Me: But he doesn’t live in LA.
CB: Right, but I think Mr. Winslow maybe suspects he’s a cop too, which is why he trusts him.
Me: Wait, is that the guy from Love Actually?
CB: I’ve never seen Love Actually.
Me: We will fix that. Also, that’s a great Christmas movie, so we’ll totally watch it this season!
CB: Die Hard is a Christmas movie, too.
Me, rolling my eyes: Die Hard is not a Christmas movie.
CB: It takes place at Christmas.
Me: That does not make it a Christmas movie. Also, what Christmas movies do you watch where there are terrorists blowing up buildings? That’s not very Christmas-y.

Cut to: an hour later when the movie ends and the closing credits roll as “Let It Snow” plays.

CB: See? Told you it was a Christmas movie.

So……here’s this week’s video of the week! Happy Friday, everyone! 

Christmas-y, isn't it? Nothing says Christmas like gunfire and the F word!


  1. Bruce Willis is as hot as it gets, though, so at least you had that going for you! :)

  2. Oh my goodness this is where I show my inner guy! lol I LOVE Die Hard, it's my favorite Chistmas movie ever! Seriously it's tied with You've Got Mail which isn't really a Christmas movie either but it snows in that one also so to me it's a Christmas movie.

    1. Hahahah that's so awesome. I love that Die Hard and You've Got Mail are your favorite Christmas movies. I will say, though, that You've Got Mail is a classic. And you're right! It snows, so I think that counts. :-)