Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Why it's sort of shocking that my parents didn't self-medicate and the thankful Thanksgiving wrapup.

So before I head out to celebrate Thanksgiving and gather what I can only imagine will be some killer stories for the blog next week, I just wanted to write one more post about what I'm thankful for.

Figuring out my good side and
my lighting. Obviously.
So when I was little, I was totally a good time. I'd paint my doll's nails with bright red nail polish, spill it all over the brand new carpet, and then hide under my bed right next to the spill so that no one would ever know I did it OR find me. I was a genius from a very early age and it's a wonder my parents didn't just enroll me in MENSA right then and there.

I'd also do charming wood carvings in the form of my name on our kitchen table, would get into my mom's makeup so I could totally be as glamorous as she is, and put on her high heels and flow-y dresses so I could prance around the house in the style to which I definitely wanted to grow accustomed.

I'd sing "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" over and over in the car with my dad, harmonizing so perfectly that I was convinced we'd get discovered and be on Star Search. Dude, I could've totally met Justin Timberlake AND Tiffany! How could we go wrong? And I'd make my family sit in the living room for what probably felt like hours to watch my entire album-length choreographed dance routine to Madonna's "Like a Virgin."

But let's get real, my parents had to see that coming a mile away and so I blame them for even buying it for me in the first place. Also, when I say "choreographed" I mean I moved back and forth and spun around a few times for 5 songs while wearing my mom's boots, a flow-y dress, and costume jewelry.

All of this was much to the dismay of my older sister who really just wanted me to be quiet so she could watch "3-2-1 Contact" and/or do puzzles. But puzzles weren't my thing as a kid, I was much too busy pretending I was waiting tables or answering phones or doing something else equally incredible.

The late 70s were good
to us all. 
So, to get me back she'd come into my room late at night to tell me all about her dreams involving unicorns and werewolves and would try, in vain, to show me that there was more to life than dressing up and striving to marry David Banner from The Hulk. To be fair, I also wanted to marry Jack from "Three's Company," so I learned at an early age to keep my options open.

Anyway, as I reflect upon the things that I'm thankful for this and every year, I'm fortunate enough to count those in my immediate family as some of the closest and dearest people in my life. I wouldn't be the sparkle shoe-wearing, Ice and Coco-obsessed, Golden Girls-worshiping being you see before you if it wasn't for these people. They have embraced and encouraged me to be who I am and have been huge supporters of the blog from day one.

Between my family, friends, CB and his family and friends, I've won the lottery of life. I really am humbled by their continued love, support, and laughter, and am grateful that they all let me splatter their lives across the pages of this blog so I can entertain you all. This blog wouldn't exist without all of them and you and so I'm thankful for that on this Thanksgiving Eve.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I'll be back at you next week with lots of tales to tell, and since there's no Friday Wrapup this week, I'll leave you with this video that is sure to please. Enjoy!

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