Tuesday, November 6, 2012

"I Voted!" and other things you should shout at people.

It’s Election Day! Did you vote yet? If not…quit reading this blog and go vote!

Did you?
I cast my ballot this morning and felt all patriotic and proud until I realized that my polling station totally doesn’t give out “I Voted” stickers! Uh, excuse me, but half of the reason I got up this morning and walked through the bitter cold to two different polling stations to cast my presidential vote was so I could be all bragg-y to others on the bus who obviously hate America and didn’t vote yet.

Ok, so I know you’re in “recovery” mode and all, Hoboken, but let’s get our priorities in order.

And then I had this embarrassing encounter:

Me: There aren’t any voting stickers?
Polling person: What are voting stickers?
Me: You know, those stickers that say “I Voted” that you get after voting?
PP, laughing: No, we weren’t even sure if our machines would be up and running in time, so we forgot about the stickers.
Me: Yeah, I guess the hurricane really ruined everything.
PP, realizing I have unbalanced priorities: Uh…yeah.

Whatever, so I voted and now I guess I’ll just have to randomly shout “I Voted!” at people as I walk down the street. Oddly enough, I probably won’t be the craziest person they encounter today. You've gotta' love NYC. 

Also, I completely empathize with this girl and will be glad when this whole thing is over. Once we’ve made our collective decision about who the president should be for the next four years, we can finally go back to things that really matter. Like "Ice Loves Cocoa."

Happy Tuesday, everyone! GO VOTE! ("I voted!") 


  1. My place totally gave out stickers and I wore mine all day, but then I was sad because it kept getting covered up by my Gryffindor scarf... Yeah... I voted while wearing a Gryffindor scarf... and argyle toe-socks...