Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Funday Wrapup!

Happy (snowy) Friday, everyone! Let’s get right to it – it’s time for the Friday Wrapup! Admittedly, though, it’s sort of sparse because I’ve been traveling and it’s a miracle I even remembered today was Friday. Please forgive me (and come back again next week when I’m back to normal!)

Ok, no joke, someone has to fill me in on what I obviously missed. Why is everyone Facebook making "Harlem Shake" videos? 

I'm serious. Did I miss something? What on earth IS this?


So I was listening to the “news” this morning (I put that in quotes because I’m pretty sure a story about Justin Bieber fainting after a concert, followed by a story about how Kate Middleton gave away the gender of her baby by accident, does not a hard-hitting news story make…) and they spent at least 4-5 minutes talking about this new “study” that says the reason women are fatter now (I’m paraphrasing here) is because we don’t do as much housework as we did 30 years ago.

And then I had this monologue with the television out loud:

Me: F you, study.


Me: Is this for real???


Me: Wait, can cleaning burn more calories?

"Give it here, Amos."
And then I quickly, like, cleaned my bathroom and re-made the bed.

And then Gloria Steinem knocked on the door and took away my feminist card. 

But it reminded me of this little diddy that I posted about last year, and so I thought I’d share it again, just so you can all get your bras ready for burning this weekend.


Onto the book of the week. I think nearly everyone in my family has read this book by now, and it’s a beautifully written and well-told story. It’s possible that some of you have already read it, as I think it found itself onto the New York Time Bestsellers list for quite some time.

But for those of you who have not, enjoy and click here for the review.


And now, the Video of the Week.

Ok, so I’m going to go out on a limb here and speak for all humankind when I say that I’m ready for winter to be over. I mean, I’m usually winter’s biggest fan, and grumble as I have to start stripping down layers and pulling out the fans. But for some reason, winter has given me a run for my money – between the flu’s and the colds and the flooding and the transportation shut downs and the soggy commutes to work – and so I think I’m ready for some springtime!

But don’t worry, winter, you’ll always be my first love.  And I’ll be looking forward to you after complaining about how hot it is between May and September.

Also, coming back from Miami to this down-pouring of rain and snow was a cruel joke. But the crueler joke is on those who have had the distinct displeasure of seeing me disrobe at the gym, with the Rorschach spots of hot pink sun burns all over my feet, hands, and random parts of my limbs.  

Anyway, to make myself feel better, I was going to make this week’s video something really inspired, like Will Smith’s “Miami.” But for the life of me, I couldn’t find the actual video! I mean, granted, I YouTubed it, didn’t find it, and gave up. But still.

However, a friend then sent me the below video, which made me happy because it combines things that I love:

Humor. Pop/hip-hop. And Justin Timberlake. Enjoy! 

Happy Friday, everyone! 


  1. Gosh I hate cleaning but if it burned calories it might be worth it.

  2. Yes, what is up with those Harlem Shake videos? What a bizarre trend that I seem to be weeks behind on.

  3. they even made a Harlem shake video at my 13 year olds youth group at church this week. So if they church is onto it you must be way behind ;) hahaha