Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Final Honeymoon post! (and only two months later)

So, apparently I don’t know how to properly count to five. As I was prepping today’s post, I realized that I mentioned Monday that I’d done three Bali blogs over the last few weeks when, in reality, I’d done four! I rule!

But if – like me – you were unaware of that and missed one, click here, and here, and here and here.

All caught up? Then let’s get to number five!


This is a post in pictures. Because that’s the only way I’ll even come close to explaining Bali. The people, the food, the climate, the landscape….it’s all so uniquely….Bali. And we were absolutely blown away and so fortunate to spend 10 days in this little slice of heaven. With Putra. 

The monkeys.

And the baby monkeys.

And feeding Begal tigers...

And adorable elephants.

Did I mention the monkeys?

And random roosters just window shopping. 

And the people.

Especially this guy!

And our home away from home.

And the crazy, no-rules-needed driving.

And this.

And CB's favorite....the food (more the Bintang, if we're being honest)

And this. Especially this. Because guys, that's
my husband's hand! Right there! He was there with me
for all of it! THE BEST! 

Happy Wednesday, everyone! 


  1. Hey good call on finding the missing post. ha ha, I didn't notice, all I kept thinkig was "where are the promised posts of this wonderful place called Bali?" Great pics, I totally want to go, except the food scares me a bit. Thanks for sharing! :)

    1. Well, you're the one who reminded me I never finished - so thank you!!! And don't be afraid of the food, totally worth it! There are some delicious dishes. Definitely get yourself to Bali if you can!