Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Wrapup!

I'm late, I'm late. Let's get to it!


You guys. I have a friend who hates pandas.


This was an exchange we had yesterday, which literally came out of nowhere, because people who hate pandas make no sense.

Friend who hates pandas: I hate panda bears because they are stupid and evolution would have killed them years ago except that we as a culture have decided they're adorable and keep them alive. I mean, these are bears that live in the mountains and only eat bamboo. That's INSANE. God doesn't want you alive.
Me:  I love panda bears and you're a monster.
FWHP: You know Pandas are stupid, right? They're bears that don't eat meat, live in the freezing cold on top of a mountain, eat only bamboo which doesn't grow where they live, and then don't hibernate because they don't have enough fat storage to make it through the winter. And we're wasting tax dollars to keep them alive because they're cute. And they're not even smart. Of all the bears, they're like the dumbest.
Me: Did a panda eat your best friend when you were little or something?
FWHP: It's just a total waste of money, man. TOTAL WASTE. I'm cute and no one is keeping me alive. 

And then I sent him this gif.

(ok, it wasn't exactly that one. But the one I sent him had a curse in it that would be unlady-like of me to post. So I replaced it with this adorable panda that will make him as unhappy as the other one I sent him.)


I'm disgusted with myself, and sort of with my family in general, that we have apparently thought that we had betting things to do this week than post about the books we've been reading.

Also, I'm probably the worst one because I've read three books and haven't posted about any of them. Worst blogger ever.

Sorry! But still head on over for some great reviews that happened not this week. Click here.


Ohmygod this is the best thing to ever happen to my Friday life. Remember when I had this reaction to hearing a Whitney Houston song at a wedding?

God help everyone at our wedding when Whitney plays.

Video of the Week. Obv. I'm sort of surprised I even had to tell you that. Happy Friday!



    Also, you're friend should be psychologically evaluated. I mean, WHO THE F HATES PANDAS? SERIOUSLY?

  2. I just sent your friend's rant about panda bears to my boyfriend, who replied with: "They can eat meat though. Just useless at getting it. So, they evolved to be cute! Like the blondes of nature!"


    1. Hahaha I just laughed out loud. That is awesome!!