Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Wrapup

OHMYGODIT’SFRIDAY. Let’s get to it.

So later today I have my wedding dress fitting and I’m feeling pretty good, you guys! Probably because this doesn’t involve any actual shopping and is the first time I’ll get to see the dress that’s actually mine and not what one billion other women have tried on and discarded.

Plus, I’ll get to put it on and twirl around and make the strangers around me feel uncomfortable when I repeatedly ask them if I look pretty. But if I’m being honest, I think I’m most excited to see how awesome my sparkle heels look with the dress.  

Yes, of course I bought sparkle heels. Are you new?

I’ll let you know how it goes on Monday, but I ate pizza last night and had a glass of wine, so I’m guessing the dress will fit like a charm and I will not cry.  


Speaking of the dress fitting, I had to wake up an hour earlier so I could leave early from work today to make it to the appointment. And this is basically what I feel like now at my desk, except none of my coworkers will rub my belly because they're the worst. 


This week's book review is a terrific one about "The Reason I Jump." It's a book about a man with autism who explains why he does the things he does, giving some potential insight into what can be a very complicated disorder. Click here to check it out and browse around for some other great recommendations! 

And now, the video of the week. Basically because it makes me happy AND because I try to sing these things to CB sometimes and then he's like "Do you want to see how some quiet time feels for a few hours?" 

Happy Friday, everyone! (and keep sending me funny links, videos, stories, etc. for the wrapup - I love 'em!)

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