Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Wrapup

It’s Friday and everyone in New York is at Super Bowl Blvd. or whatever the heck that is. Basically, from what I've gathered, it's a bunch of football stuff and then a big blow up toboggan ride in the middle of Times Square with hoards of people wearing various jerseys and winter hats circling around it talking about football. Or what we like to call “Exactly what Times Square is always like.”

Let’s get to it!


Speaking of the SuperBowl, CB and I actually watched an entire half hour show the other night that was all about SuperBowl commercials. And then we complained about how many commercials they kept showing during the television show about commercials. So basically, aliens would never want to invade our apartment because we’re the most boring people in the universe.

However, I’m not alone when I say that the commercials can be the best part of SuperBowl Sunday. Except for when they’re absolutely awful, like those Fiat commercials or any commercial about pharmaceuticals and the risks involved with taking them. 

And while I know this isn’t a commercial premiering on Sunday, it’s still one of my favorites in the last month or so because it pretty accurately just describes life. 


I'm ashamed of myself that I still haven't written about any books that I've read and now you're all being punished for it because there's no book of the week. I'm the worst. 

So you tell me - what are YOU guys reading? (also, I promise to update the book blog next week!)


I'm (a) impressed and (b) not embarrassed by the number of you who emailed me about Chicago's performance on the Grammy's. Yes, it was the best moment of my week and yes, it did inspire me to drink out of my Chicago mug. 

This is not an illusion. It actually happens at my home.


Uh, I dare you not to laugh. 


And now...the Video of the Week! This is simply because I love Sara Bareilles and this song. 

Happy Friday, everyone! 

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