Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Someone finally understands my underpants woes

So last night I felt underpants-understood for the first time in my life. There was a whole article in some magazine about the right type of underpants to wear if they’re always falling down. And it even had diagrams and I was like “Yes! Yes! That is a diagram of my exact body shape and issues!”

And so I took a picture of the article and diagram so that I could share it with you all, dear readers, and show you that I’m not alone in this cruel, dark world.

This is what my bedroom looks like in nighttime.
Um, what? 

That is the picture of the article that I took. And the reason it’s a picture of darkness is because I took  A SLEEP PICTURE.

That’s right, I took a picture of a magazine article that only appeared in my most colorful of dreams and then somehow sleep-unlocked my phone and took a picture of nothing at all. And then went to bed. And then woke up thinking it was real and checked my phone to make sure I’d remembered to take the photo. And then was like “oh crap. I was asleep.”

BUT, then I auto-corrected the photo and look what I got! 

I think this is a picture of my room when it's being haunted.

Ok, first of all, that looks like daylight and there was no daylight. Second, I think those are ghost images being reflected off of my bed and floor. I mean, I'm no ghost expert, but I'm pretty sure. So I'm 99% positive that CB and I are being haunted, but likely by nice ghosts? Because I have pleasant dreams and also always feel cheery and well-rested when I wake up. Thanks, ghosts! 

Anyway, this isn’t a real post because I was going to blog about something that’s not real (thank God I ended up blogging about ghosts instead.) 

So...happy Wednesday! Don't get haunted! 


  1. I dunno...I think your underpants took the picture. If so, your underpants could be famous (even more than they are now).


    1. Hmmm, interesting theory! Do you think my underpants could be haunted?

    2. I am a believer in extreme possibilities. Plus, I'm pretty sure I see the shadow of your underpants in the picture.

  2. That is hilarious! I had a dream this week that I had a dream (get that?) that an exec in our company quit without notice. Then I woke up from my dream and told him and he was like, wow, you must be psychic, I AM quitting today. And I was so proud / disturbed. Then I woke up for real...haha. Glad the crazy dreams are going around!

    1. I've been making your recipes, maybe it's something in the food? ;-)

  3. Just plain awesome. Amanda-Chicago IL