Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Wrapup!

….and, it’s time for the Friday Wrapup! Let’s get to it.

Ok, so after many of you chimed in via posts and emails, all I have to say is: CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

Per my post earlier this week, I will be meditating for the next 21 days, even though I found out yesterday that I’m about 18 days behind and the thing is almost over. But I will still have access to all of the meditations, and the last few days have really transformed me already.

No, just kidding, it’s done nothing of the sort.

For example, yesterday’s meditation was “Eating for Balance”, which came through just as I was coming back from a Thai lunch that probably equaled my calorie intake for the day. Though, to be fair, I balanced it out by saying no to a dessert named “Sweet World.” Which was basically a mish-mosh of every sweet thing that I love, and I was actually pretty annoyed that they hadn’t shared the dessert menu with me before I ate my beef and curry lunch. I totally would’ve skipped that and gone for the chocolate volcano!


But that’s balance, right? So, let’s call it a win.

Also, I totally got a personalized note from Oprah and Deepak, and so I’m totally in, guys!

Dear Becky,

Today we celebrate the synchronicity that lives between our
 Perfect Health journey and the beginning of Spring—the season associated with new beginnings, growth, and rejuvenation. What a perfect time to reflect and witness the sprouts that may be emerging from the seeds you have planted during the last two weeks!
You are stepping into a new season in your life, one that you are choosing and creating. It is a powerful moment where conscious choices ignite transformational change. What nourishing choices are you making today?
·  Taking a break to enjoy a walk outdoors?
·  Choosing a healthy meal with foods that include all colors of the rainbow?
·  Making time for your meditation practice?
·  Appreciating the people you love?
The action of introducing gentle new choices and rituals into each day is the key to activating the vision of your best self.
Spring is a season of celebration. Today we celebrate your dedication and active participation in creating a life filled with passion, joy, and good health.

Though Oprah clearly hasn’t spent enough time with me if she thinks I’ve planted anything ever. Or thinks I have a yard. Or thinks that it’s actually spring time outside. Or thinks that I’ve actually made time for my “meditation practice.”

Perhaps I need to re-think this?

Moving on.


And now, the book of the week. This book is one I read a year or more ago after reading my dad’s review, and he was absolutely right. It’s charming, it’s well-written, and you just love the characters and don’t want it to end.


And now, the Video of the Week. 

I apologize for those of you who couldn't care less about basketball. But for me, this is one of the most fun times of the year: MARCH MADNESS!

Also, I had this very painful conversation with Courtney the other day about MM. 

Me: Well, they'll all be in Vegas during March Madness, so I would imagine that'll be crazy.
Courtney: What is this "march madness" thing? Is that a thing I'm supposed to know?
Me: DUDE. You LIVE in East Lansing. How do you NOT know what March Madness is? You literally have to be in a box to have missed that.
Courtney: Can we just speed this along and have you tell me what it is so I can move on?
Me: Friendship over. 
Anyway, Spartans won their game yesterday and will be playing Memphis tomorrow for their next round in the tournament. Again, if you (a) didn't go to Michigan State and/or (b) couldn't care less about basketball, I apologize that this has all been for nought.

Happy Friday, everyone! 


  1. My school is playing tonight. Apparently they are ranked #16. We are all abuzz here. It's exciting, but I don't really follow basketball, so I just pretend to know what people are talking about! :)

  2. Oprah... What a woman... I think my favorite suggestion is choosing foods from all colors of the rainbow? Um... Skittles, obviously...

    1. It's like you get me on an organic level.

  3. Definitely not a March Madness girl as I went to a small college...with very cute boys who played basketball but alas no nationally ranked team. I'll root for your team though!

    1. Thanks!! I like where your head's at. And there's nothing at all wrong with cute boys playing basketball. That's half the fun!