Monday, September 30, 2013

I have a great story to tell you...

...but couldn't write it over the weekend because I was sick with a head cold that may me unbearable to live with. And now I'm on a week-long excursion to Philly and then Vancouver for work. So, the next time you'll hear from me is this Friday for the wrap up.

I suck! But I PROMISE I have a story to tell you that will be worth the wait!

In the meantime, you guys did such a great job keepin me lousy in videos for the wrap up last week that I'm going to ask you to help a girl out again. So email or post in the comments and I'll likely use 'em on Friday!!

See you, soon! Happy Monday!


  1. You're in my 'hood! Feel free to call on me if the locals freak you out. Or if the cops won't come.

  2. No fair teasing us like that! We want the great story now. Now, I tell you!

    Speaking of great, I loved this:

    It might not be your thing, as Hunters and Collectors were an Australian band and Neil Finn is a New Zealander, but it's the most interesting new music I've heard for weeks. Enjoy!