Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Conversations from Cohabitation.

This text exchange happened last night after I’d gone to bed and CB was in the other room reading:

Me: I was just thinking about my celebrity list and I think you’ll be happy to know that George Clooney has gotten bumped for Matt Harvey.
CB: I’ll sleep better at night.
Me: I thought you would. I mean, this is a real changing of the guards. Clooney has been a staple for at least 15 years. When Matt Harvey was around 10. Which makes me dirty, I do realize.
CB: Your list will get younger as the people on it get older.
Me: But that makes me a dirty old lady. The others on my list are all respectably in their 30s or 40s. I’m not David Wooderson.
CB: You are wasting your list if there are people in their 40s on it. David who?
Me: Uh, Dazed and Confused: “I keep getting older and they stay the same age.” (I’m paraphrasing, but you get the gist.) Also, it’s never a waste when you’re talking about Ben Affleck.
CB: Oh, sorry, forgot his name.
Me: I forgive you.
CB: Wonderful. Have pleasant dreams about Ben but watch out, Matt Damon might sneak into the dream.
Me: Never. I have standards.
CB: I hope so!!!
Me: Also, I take this to mean that you’d prefer I stop texting you from the bedroom so you can get back to not having this conversation from 20 feet away?
CB: It’s possible. I also don’t want to interrupt your list thoughts.
Me: This is why we work. Good night!


So over the weekend I decided to conquer my fears and agree to go snorkeling with CB on our honeymoon. Hours after this decision, we were laying on the couch watching tv and a commercial came on selling a dating site aimed at people over 55 years old.

Me: “I hope we get to grow old together.”
CB: “Me too.”


CB: “Or die in a firey blaze of glory together if we don’t.”
Me: “Totally.” (high five).


Me: “Maybe while snorkeling in the Indian Ocean.”
CB: “I’d prefer to make it just a tad longer.”


CB: “Maybe on the flight home.”
Me: “Oh, that’s long enough for you, is it?”
CB: “Well, the fun part will be over.”
Me: “I think we just wrote our wedding vows. This turned dark very quickly.”

Happy Tuesday, everyone! 


  1. HAHAHAHHA you guys are too funny. Also I'm jealous that CB even responded to your text from 20 feet away. My husband would never -- I like to call him on the way home and have to sneak up to the front door or he'll just hang up on me when he knows I'm that close.

    1. Hahaha I'm sure it's not his favorite, but he indulges me. I text him from bed at least once a week. Sometimes to say goodnight, which bothers him the most since...could I be lazier?

  2. Love that you two have matching humorous viewpoints!

  3. "Maybe on the flight home." and "well, the fun part would be over" haaaaaaa! Awesome! The older I get, the shorter my list gets, I don't know who any of these younger guys are, and when I do see a cute younger one, I think, omg I'm a pedophile! I stick to my faves. George Clooney, and random news anchors along with some athletes. I'm a sucker for Jonathan Toews. (dirty-I'm 39!!) Love your posts, keep at it :) --Amanda

    1. Ha, I totally understand!!! I'm the same way. I only know 25 year old Matt Harvey b/c he's a Mets pitcher and we literally watch baseball every single day. So, gives me something to do! :-)

    2. At least you get to see him every day! My fave AJ is on the Red Sox now and I RARELY see him :( That's why I love the baseball crushes, baseball season is a long one, and there are sooooo many games! And Patrick Sharp and baby Toews are only around for another month (fingers crossed!) At least I still have my Suppelsa, he's on the news twice a day :) ---Amanda