Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Wrapup

The sun is FINALLY out, half of the people haven’t come into work yet, and I thought it was Thursday for the last three days. That can only mean one thing! Let’s get to it.


First off, I want some advice. The other day, a friend and I were talking about movies and movie actors, and he mentioned how Matthew McConaughey’s career has taken an unexpected turn up. Like, for years there he was doing some C-level romantic comedies that even I wouldn’t see (which is saying something) – except the “Wedding Planner." That’s just good movie-making.

Movie of the year? 
Anyway, lately, though, he’s been getting some critical acclaim for his roles, and I mentioned that I think it all started with “Magic Mike," which I haven’t seen. Of course, I gleaned this bit of information from a thirty minute interview on NPR that I heard recently, but for all I know, Terry Gross is, like, in love with Matthew and so maybe her perspective is skewed?  

But since I’ve never been one to need logic or reason to make a sound argument, I decided to take this to CB.

Last night:

CB, looking at the clock: “You think we have time to rent a movie tonight?”
Me (excitedly, since my mind power was working on him): “Yes! And I have a movie idea! But I want you to have an open mind about it, ok?”
CB: “Oh God, I can only imagine.”
Me: “No, seriously, just hear me out. I’ve actually heard that it’s a pretty good movie.”
CB: “I’m really not going to like this, am I?”
Me: “No, I think maybe we’ll both be pleasantly surprised!”
CB: “Ok, what movie?”
Me: “Magic Mike.”


Me: “It’s the stripper movie with Matthew McConaughey.”
CB: “I know what it is.”
Me: “So what do you think?”
CB: “I think you’re crazy.”
Me: “But besides that.”
CB: “You’re a piece of work.”
Me: “Is that a yes?”

But then Cablevision decided to hate me and not have it available OnDemand, much to CB’s dismay, and so I've yet to see Matthew in all of his glory (maybe literally? Sorry, CB.)

So who’s seen it? Is it good? Will CB never let me choose movies again?


Moving on. 

If movies aren't your thing, head on over to the book blog and check out the Book of the Week. I read this book (after reading the review on the blog) and was not disappointed. And, like my mom, found myself interested to read even more of Mary Karr's work. So, check it out by clicking here. And enjoy! 


Speaking of mom’s, I’m going to do you all a solid and remind you that Sunday is Mother’s Day. And while my mom’s gift is already on its way, this video made me laugh because I’ve been known to go the mug route once or twice. And also, please don’t buy your mom a rock. Or a box of spatulas.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mom’s out there, especially mine. Because she’s the best. Obviously.


And now, the Video of the Week.

Just this morning, the finishing touches are being put on One World Trade Center, making it the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere. So almost 12 years after 9-11, we finally have a nearly completed tower in lower Manhattan.

And while I know that there are mixed feelings about the building, the design, or whatever else we New Yorkers want to complain about, I, for one, am happy to see it standing tall now. So, I decided to throw a little love to New York today, while also remedying the fact that I haven’t had nearly enough Hova on here. Win/win.


Happy Friday, everyone! Now go show some love to your mothers this weekend! 


  1. I saw Magic Mike opening weekend and will never watch it again. It was about 30 minutes too long and didn't really live up to the hype. Then again I'm not a Channing or Alex fan and they were the two main characters.

    1. Haha I'm not a Channing fan (like, at all), either, so that's distressing to hear....

  2. I never saw Magic Mike, sorry I can't help on that front. But I do like Matthew McConaughey because he was amazing in A Time To Kill. Amazing

    I really want to read that book you recommended! I read the intro and I'm totally hooked.

    1. Oh good! I think you'll really like it - she's a terrific writer with one helluva life story!

  3. I saw Magic Mike, and while I think both Matthew and Channing are hot, I thought the movie was rather lousy! I was disappointed. Although both men did have some good stripper moves, they were not enough to carry the movie in my book.

  4. For the record, I would LOVE a bouncy house for Mother's Day.

  5. I ALSO need to see Magic Mike!

    And I think those might be some of the greatest Mom's Day gift ideas known to man.