Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Wrapup!

The sun is shining, the temperature is rising, and the fresh, sticky New York air is preventing me from being able to breathe must be both summer AND Friday! Let's get to it.

First, just wanted to say thanks for all of the positive apartment vibes. We're a bit wiser now to the ways of a  co-op and how maybe the landlord should get board approval to rent his apartment out before showing it and getting my hopes up for THREE WEEKS. But I'm clearly over it.

So, we're on the hunt again, and of course found yet another dream apartment. And now, I think I've sucked CB into my craziness, which likely won't end well for any of us.

After coming back from viewing a place last night and waiting to go see another one, this conversation happened:

Me: "I'm nervous to see this next apartment because I know I'm going to fall in love with it and have all of my hopes dashed like last time. I just can't do this emotional roller coaster!"
CB: "We'll be fine. We know we'll find a great apartment, so even if we don't get the next one we love, we'll definitely get one that will be perfect for us."
Me: "Yeah, that's true. And the good news is that now at least you know I don't fall in love with every apartment I see. I mean, that last place was nice, but I didn't get that feeling when I walked in the door where I felt like I could see myself living there."
CB: "I don't think I've ever had that feeling."
Me: "Really? You don't get that feeling of 'oh, I totally see myself in this place.'"
CB: "No, I basically look at whether it has what I'm looking for, and if it does, I live there."

Cut to: one hour later, after coming back from the next apartment.

CB: "You know that feeling you were talking about?"
Me: "Yeah?"
CB: "I felt it with that place. I mean, I'm having to actively distract myself from thinking about it. I can't believe we might not live there."
Me: "Finally! Now you know what my brain feels like!"
CB: "Let's not go overboard."

A friend of mine recently started working as as fashion stylist, rendering me less cool by the minute because that would never, ever fall into the list of jobs someone would think to hire me for.

But her? It's a no-brainer. And, it's for men! So, just in time for Father's Day or, you know, the weekend, you can click here and check out what she does and give the site some love.

For this week's book of the week we have yet ANOTHER book to add to my list! Though I am borrowing the David Sedaris and just ordered the Kelly Oxford, so I'm in good shape.

Meanwhile, click here to check out the brand new review, and spend some time on the blog in general - there's something for everybody! Enjoy!


And now, the video of the week. This was sort of a gimme, plus, you gotta' love the flashback to when parachute pants and terrible 90s everything was in fashion!

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!


  1. Awww so cute CB got 'that feeling'. I hope you get that place!

    Oh man, I could never be a fashion stylist. I mean, I want to. But I couldn't do it.

  2. Who is your friend that works for trunk club? I have a friend that works there too!

  3. So bummed we didn't get to hang out this week. I'll be back up here again, though, so we will make this happen! Happy Apartment Hunting!

  4. It's a little scary that CB might be starting to understand your brain! I hope you get an apartment that gives both of you good vibes! (I accidentally types that as "vices" originally-if you can find an apartment that gives you good vices, that would be cool too!)