Thursday, May 23, 2013

Friday Wrapup!

So it’s possible that I’ve pre-written this because, as we speak, I’m either preparing for, or am currently on my way to, the Jersey Shore (insert appropriate Bruce Springsteen song here. Or, just see below). But, I wouldn’t leave you hanging on a Friday, devoted blog readers, so let’s get to it!

First, no, we haven’t heard about the apartment yet and it’s all I can do to not pass out from not knowing. It’s true that I’m a tad bit of a control freak, and having zero control over this situation has been a true test for me. But I think I’m getting a solid C+ for effort, which is better than what I usually got in math, and so I’ll take it.

Also, while clutching my phone as I headed towards the bathroom yesterday, I realized something: this whole apartment thing is sort of like dating. 

You really like a guy, you saw him a few times and he said he’d call. But he was also going out of town for a few weeks, and so he promised he’d call when he got back. Cool. No problem. You're breezy!

But when he calls, it’s to tell you that he’s not sure when he’ll be able to hang out again. And then you find that you’re bringing your phone to the bathroom with you just in case he calls, and then you casually check your phone about 1,000 times in the course of an hour because you thought maybe you saw it light up.

However, in my version of this dating story, we totally end up together. Obviously. Also, perhaps this is why I was so bad at dating for such a long time? I'm not good at "casual."

All of this is to say, of course, that we’re still waiting to hear if we got approved. It’s apparently a much longer process than just taking a look at the two of us and deciding that of COURSE you want us to live in your nice building and that we may just be the best tenants to ever grace this board room.

But we expect to hear any day now, guys, so rest assured I’ll keep you all posted (whether you want to know or not).

Also, this conversation happened at work Thursday.

My three co-workers who sit near me as they walked in: “Did you hear about the apartment last night?”
Me: “Ugh, noooo…and it’s torture.”
Co-worker 1: “I was thinking about it and figured for sure you’d come in today with good news!”
Me: “Yeah, me too.”
Co-worker 2: “Well, I’m sure you’ll hear any moment now.”
Me: “I sure hope so…for the sake of all of us.”
Co-worker 3: “I had a dream about it last night….”
Me: “Seriously?”
Co-worker 3: “Yeah, but in my dream you were really disappointed that you didn’t get the apartment, so I wasn’t sure if I should tell you.”
Co-worker 1: “You should not have told her that.”
Me: “The fact that my co-workers are dreaming about this situation means that I may not have boundaries. For example, I don’t know anything that goes on outside of these four walls with any of you three.”
Them, nodding.
Co-worker 2: “But you’re our entertainment, so we appreciate you sharing.”
Me: “Glad to be of service.”

Moving on.


So, instead of sharing a review this week from the book blog, I wanted to get YOUR opinion. I have a list this long of things I’ve been writing down to read, but none of them seem to grab me at the moment.

Has anyone read the new David Sedaris or this book?  I’ve heard good things about both, so I want a judge’s ruling on what I should spend my evenings poring through. By which I mean, the last five minutes of my night before I fall asleep with my eye mask half-covering my face and the light still on.

Anyway, let me know!


And now, as I teased above, the video of the week. Kind of a gimme, given my weekend plans, but also just a good song. It was tough to find a good video of this one, though, so this is as good as it gets.

I hope you all enjoy your long weekends and I’ll be back at you on TUESDAY next week to hopefully tell you all about the new place we’ll be moving into! (right, universe?) Sorry, I have a one track mind.

Happy Friday!


  1. I have my fingers crossed that you will get good news regarding the apartment!

  2. Happy weekend!! Hope you hear about your apartment soon!

  3. Good luck with your apartment! You are totally going to get it because I'm sending you good juju.

  4. Gah! I've been wanting to hear about this apartment situation for days now... I'm sorry, I know that's not helping.

    I've read both books and they're equally as funny. I love everything David Sedaris and the Kelly Oxford book was just brilliant in the sense that it made me want to stalk her and become her best friend, which I do realize are completely contradicting actions, but whatever...

  5. Becky, enjoy your weekend. More is out of our control than we will ever know. Be at peace with that. Know what you really can control. the apartment will work out! You are blessed with good genes & a guiding star!