Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Friday Funday! Also, don't do drugs, kids.

Friday Funday Wrapup! (apparently this is gonna be a thing)

First, a bit of randomness:

There was a period of time that I thought it was “mind as well” instead of “might as well.” My bad. But to be fair, it’s definitely not my fault.  And actually I kind of blame Courtney. She let me write that SEVERAL TIMES in emails for at least a year before she decided to point it out to me. So let’s say it’s not my fault and, instead, it’s definitely her fault.

Also, for quite some time (as a kid) I thought that it was “Tequila Mockingbird.”

 Be honest: you totally would’ve read that story.


Happy Earth Day (weekend) everyone! I tried to find inspirational videos about the earth. Granted, by “tried” I mean I googled “Earth Day Videos," watched about 3, and then decided to share this instead.  
If you don’t feel moved at least a little, then please refer to this to see what your soul would look like if you had one.


Also, for some people, today’s date has significance. This conversation was just had in my office:

Co-worker: “Today’s 4/20.”
Me: “I know.”
Co-worker: “Did you get high before work in honor of it?”
Me: “Um, no. And my boss is sitting right there.” (insert boss laughing)
Co-worker: “Getting Baked in the ‘Boken.”
Me: “I’m pretty sure someone celebrated 4/20 today. Do you want some Cheetos?”

For the record, I am a drug failure. I tried it once in college, got really hungry and sleepy, and then made a friend walk with me to Jimmy Johns at midnight to get a sub.

Apparently, in addition to heavy drinking, my parents also let me smoke down about twice a day as a toddler. Dear The Rest of My Family: You re welcome for cropping you out of this picture. Love, Becky


Next week will come the long-awaited Becky Story that you all voted for by an overwhelming majority. For those of you who didn’t vote for it, don’t worry, I’ll tell the other ones too because I have a lot of space to fill here and, apparently, you guys have some time on your hands.
And perhaps at some point we should also examine that. I think I’m beginning to see what’s wrong with this country when you guys are reading this blog and at least one of you is reading this. Scandalous. Let’s class it up next week, people.


You know why I m smiling. Also, killer knee socks!

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