Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Friday Funday Wrapup! And how Punky Brewster and Jordan Knight are changing our world forever.

TGIF everyone!

I know I've been pretty bad at doing the Friday Funday post for a few weeks, with various travels and whatnot, but I'm back, baby! So let's get to it.

First, a little follow-up to my post from earlier this weekWhen telling CB that he made an appearance on the blog - without even knowing the content of what I posted about - he asked if it was about "the two yahoos I was telling you about." Uh, what's that now, grandpa? The two yahoos? No. I didn't blog about that. But guess what I will blog about? The fact that my boyfriend uses the word "yahoos" as part of his normal vernacular. Also, a friend reminded me about the time we were at the bar and turned just in time to see CB taking a handkerchief out of his pocket to wipe his nose.

Uh, come again? You're from the 1930s. (don't ever change!)


Wait, seriously?


Also, uh, I'm no food connosuire but....REALLY????? 


And finally, something awesome just happened, thanks to a few of you blog readers.  You see, the wonder of Google Analytics is that it shows me all sorts of fun facts about who reads this blog, where you guys are visiting from, and even how you came to find me in the first place.  Usually it’s pretty straightforward stuff, but then this morning I logged in and saw this:

Top Searches
  1. (not provided) - 36 Visits
  2. stories about my underpants - 24 Visits
  3. becky amos blog - 1 Visits
  4. is jordan knight mentally challenged - 1 Visits
  5. how punky brewster traumatized the nation - 1 Visits
There are several things awesome about numbers 4 & 5, but just the fact that I was one of the search results that popped up? My life is now complete. Also, perhaps our focus is just slightly mis-directed if we are thinking that Punky Brewster traumatized the nation in some way.

But before you pop right off this page to frantically do those searches yourselves, let me save you the trouble – I have no idea how these people found me or how many pages of amazing Jordan Knight facts they had to go through before finding me because, not surprisingly, I spent about 10 minutes searching for myself using these parameters and came up empty. But whatever, it happened and just knowing that this occurred at some point this week totally makes my day.

The reason our unemployment rate is so high.
Enjoy your weekend!

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