Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Friday Funday Wrapup and why James Frey and I have nothing in common. Allegedly.

I’m running out the door to a business trip this weekend so I clearly have my priorities in order and can only spend 10 minutes on this rather than the very obvious 20 I typically spend.

Don’t be upset if you get to the end of this post and you think “That was really lame and a waste of the 2.5 minutes I spent on this site.” Also, according to my Google Analytics, you guys seriously need to spend more time on here. OR, I need to be more interesting.  But I think it's the first one.

Here we go!

First item of business comes from “character boyfriend.” The reason I’m referring to my real-life boyfriend this way is because he has started referring to himself this way when referencing my blog. I have no idea why he thinks that I’ve turned him into a caricature of himself on here. Everything I say totally happens exactly the way I describe it and I in no way ever take artistic license while discussing tidbits of my life. Um, I’m not James Frey. But mainly because I’ve never been institutionalized.


I obviously have nothing in common with James Frey. Except that I m sometimes shamed by Oprah, too, when I fail to write in my dream journal. Or update my inspiration board. Or whatever.

Anyway, the other day character boyfriend sent me a very loving e-mail, per usual, which consisted of this statement:

The phrase is “hit a fastball”, I said HIT a fastball not throw a fastball. Throwing a fastball is subjective. Hitting one takes skill. Got it?

Um, yes. And that was super-important to point out and I’m sure my readers really noticed and because of the very obvious sports following I have, I’m really confident that everyone was secretly judging him in their minds. So, I wanted to correct that horrendous error. I’m sorry, CB. My bad.

Next order of business:

Nobody knows what the word “Porwigle” means, so quit making us all feel stupid, Scripps National Spelling Bee. Also, was it just me, or were you all secretly glad that the six year old show-off got knocked out before the finals? No? Just me? Haha, uh, just kidding, obviously, I have  a soul and I was totally rooting for her and really love kids. 

And finally, is it just me or do these sisters have some serious talent? I think they’re adorable. 

Enjoy your weekend! I’ll be back atcha’ next Tuesday!

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