Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Friday Funday Wrapup! Also, God save the Queen('s feet).

Happy Friday everyone!

Ok, so the reason I’m highlighting this is two-fold. One, it happened right next door to where I work, so all day yesterday (and into this morning) there was one news van after another, with reporters swarming the sidewalk talking to passers-by about the brawl.

However, the second reason is by far my favorite part. The most common phrase you heard people saying on the street yesterday to reporters and each other was “Well, what goes around, comes around.” Nobody feels sorry for you, Chris Brown. Move along.


Ok, so when I was walking to work this morning, I started thinking about how nice it would be if I was the Queen of England. Why? Not because of the in-breeding or the awesome hats, but because the Queen has someone who wears her shoes first so that they’re broken in by the time she puts them on.   
Come again?

That’s right. While I’m hoofing it around New York City with calluses and blisters, the Queen is all like “Oh, thanks for breaking in my shoes, shoe servant, I can’t imagine having to do this myself.” 
I mean, for real. Does it get any better/worse than that?

I m ridiculous.


And finally, this is awesome.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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