Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Friday Funday Wrapup! Plus, how on EARTH Michael Jackson could be considered "the normal one."

Let’s get right to this Friday Funday Wrapup, shall we?

So it’s Olympics time! I only kind of care about the Olympics, but I do think they can be fun to watch. So, to honor them, I will share two Olympics-related posts.

The first is this guy.  Wow. Now that’s dedication.

The second is a tribute to pop culture AND the Olympics: win/win: Call Me Maybe - 2012 USA Olympic Swim Team


And lastly, something to make you all feel better about yourselves. Basically, because you’re not me.
Ok, so as I was having coffee yesterday with a co-worker and I commented on how everyone needed to relax about this whole Twilight saga.  First of all, I’ve never gotten into the whole Twilight craziness – probably because I’m not 11. Also, because I’m very busy with an important life of watching Bethenny Frankel and the Miss Advised Girls. I have standards, people.

But I commented to my friend that it was ridiculous how INSANE people have been getting over the fact that the girl who never smiles ever cheated on that British guy who everyone thinks is hot, inexplicably. And then we went on and talked about it for about two minutes before realizing that perhaps we knew a little bit too much about these people and needed lives so that we could look down on others without being hypocrites.

And then this happened as we were standing in line at Starbucks:

Co-worker: “But ok, can we talk about this Michael Jackson drama, too?”
Me: “I actually don’t know that much about it because I really have never cared about the Jacksons, they’re so crazy.”
Co-worker: “They are, but I can’t stop. I’ve never cared until this week and it’s just SO insane that I’m obsessed with reading about it.”
Me: “Yeah, it’s kind of like a car crash or something.”
Co-worker: “I mean, we’re not getting the whole story.”
Me: “Didn't they just take the kids away from the grandma?”
Co-worker: “Yes! Now they’re with TJ.”
Me: “Who the hell is TJ?”
Co-worker, through laughter because we’re both hearing ourselves now: “Tito Jr.”
Me: “Oh my God it just got better. So now Tito Jr is watching the kids?”
Co-worker: “Yeah while they go through the whole Will dispute. Also, did you know that Tito Jr. was Kim Kardashian’s prom date?”
Me: “WHAT???”
Co-worker: “Yep. And do you know who gets the kids if the grandma dies or doesn’t get them back?”
Now we’re both laughing uncontrollably while people stare because we used to be two intelligent women with actual interesting things to talk about until the Jackson’s lost their minds.
Me: “Oh God, who?”
Co-worker, uncontrollably laughing, taking a minute to actually spit it out: “Diana Ross!”
Me: “This can’t be real. Also, can we take a step back for a minute and realize what is happening? Do you know what this whole incident has proven?”
Co-worker: “What? That we’re awesome?”
Me: “That, and that Michael Jackson is looking like the NORMAL one in that family after all of this.”

And then the earth shifted on its axis.

Totally second on my list for guardianship over my cat, Oliver, should anything happen to his first guardian, Little Richard.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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