Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Friday Funday Wrapup!

Happy Friday!

So, my boyfriend said the other day, and I quote: “People are going to start to feel really bad for my character in your blog.”

Obviously he’s wrong and I have no idea why he’d think that. Especially after we had this email exchange the other day:

Me: “I was going to rent ‘The Vow’ in my hotel room but decided against it so that we could watch it together.”
Him: (almost 24 hours later after we’d talked several times via email) “Oh, by the way, we’re not watching ‘The Vow.’ I just looked it up. Nope.”

See, so now don’t you guys feel bad for me? To be honest, I actually had no desire to see that movie because looking at Channing Tatum does nothing for me, and let’s get real: the story sounds ridiculous. But I sometimes like to drop little nuggets of fun like this in his lap just to see what he’ll do because the only movie I actually want him to watch with me is “When Harry Met Sally.” So maybe if I make it seem like I’m sacrificing a lot by not watching all of these other ridiculous movies, he’ll feel bad, cave, watch “When Harry Met Sally,” and realize that I, too, am as lovable and charming and quirky as Meg Ryan. But with slightly better hair. And pants.

Oh, also, don’t read that paragraph that I just wrote if you happen to be dating me. It’s all a lie. I’m very sad that we didn’t watch "The Vow" together.

I’m very charming and quirky and really regret what future Meg Ryan did to my lips.
Watch this. For real, I love this show.

Oh! And next week I’ll tell you about the really awkward encounter I had on the plane with a flight attendant (male) who may or may not have been flirting with me and a really old guy who was hard of hearing (the headphones he refused to take off might’ve had something to do with it) who announced it to the entire flight.

Intriguing, right? You’re totally coming back next week now!

Don't forget to spoil your mom this weekend!!!

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