Tuesday, August 14, 2012

When Becky Met Courtney: A Fitting Tribute to Nora Ephron. Obviously.

So I’m assuming that you’ve all heard the news by now that our beloved Nora Ephron passed away last night. It might only be obvious to the keenest of observers, but I have a love/love relationship with Nora and her movies.  It’s not even a slight exaggeration to say that “When Harry Met Sally” is the reason I now live in New York, and sadly, is part of the reason I chose my major in college. Obviously I’m really good at thinking outside of the box and being independent and thoughtful about my life choices. But for real, if you’re going to base your life on a movie, why not that one? It’s not as if I chose, like, “Saw III” or something. I have standards.

I believe I also decided to take wardrobe cues from Harry during my late teens into my early twenties. Some day, I ll tell you about my "fancy hoodies." My life is very cool.

I found out the news while on CB’s couch, immediately told him and he said “Oh, the Harry Sally lady? That’s too bad.” And then went back to yelling at the Mets on television.

Um, I clearly needed to go to someone who understood where I was coming from. So obviously I texted Courtney immediately. And then this happened:

Me: Nora Ephron died!!
Court: Nooooooo!!!!! I didn’t even know she was sick. I’m the worst fan ever.
Me: I didn’t either. So sad.
Court: I think this calls for a Sleepless/Harry-Sally marathon in her honor. With cookie dough and wine.
Me: Done! Do you wanna do that at the same time? That would totally make us cool.
Court: We TOTALLY have to have a simultaneous marathon and watch them over the phone together. We’re super cool and people envy us.
Me: I’m kind of not kidding. Is that weird?
Court: No, I’m not kidding either. Why would I be kidding about that? I’m dead serious – oooh, bad choice of words.
Me: Whew, good, glad we’re on the same page. So we’ll have to pick a day and get some wine, popcorn, cookie dough, and probably some gummy bears, just to be on the safe side? Also, you’re the devil. This is no time to be joking about death, Courtney. Boy, thank God we have our priorities in order. And that we’ve been friends long enough to know that this is obviously the only way to properly honor her.
Court: For real. If Sunday works, we just need to figure out a time, get our supplies, and we’re all set. Seriously, thank God I have you.
Me: Seriously, I mean, I don’t think most people would understand.
Court: Then those people have no souls. Clearly.
Me: Obviously. And they definitely don’t know how to have a proper memorial.
Court: I think she would want it this way.
Me: Definitely.

And there you have it.

RIP, Nora.

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