Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Friday Funday Wrapup and why Milton from the Office wants to totally be my friend.

First: Ok, so I realize that I’m about a year late to this party, but I just joined Pinterest – FINALLY – and for real, you guys, I’ve designed my dream bathroom, living room, kitchen, AND come up with really cute ideas for any sort of party I might ever want to throw. All at my imaginary gorgeous house with a chandelier in my walk-in closet, of course. Plus, summer-y drink ideas for when I’m lounging by my imaginary pool or in my made-up backyard filled with tasteful twinkle lights.

Also, nobody needs this website because it’s nothing but a phenomenal time suck of awesomeness. And great ideas. And things that you want but can’t afford. But EVERYONE should do it because it’s so great. And I don’t want to be the only one who realized that I spent an hour on my couch the other night looking at different wood tables on there and then googled “Tori Spelling design taste.” Allegedly.

I would totally buy this book if I didn t live in 475 square feet of lopsided apartment madness and could fit more than two people into my place at once. And had celebrity friends like you (hint hint).

Next order of business: as you all know by now, CB and I have started Insanity. And it’s insane. And awesome. And two people commented on how CB looks like he’s lost some weight, which he’s not trying to do so it’s super-awesome that he’s getting all of these compliments and I’m counting out 12 almonds at my desk at work. Life is really fair and I definitely didn’t maybe tell CB that I might stab him if someone else compliments him before I lose 4 pounds. So there’s that.

Up next: I totally saw Milton the Stapler Guy from "Office Space" at Starbucks the other day. My life is now complete and I can die happy. It took EVERYTHING IN MY POWER not to go up to him and yell something random at him like I did to Bethenny Frankel and her husband.  And it would’ve been something really astute, like “You’re the Stapler Guy from the Office! I love you!” and then, like, run away.

"I could set the building on fire."

And finally: A lot of you seemed to love the sisters from last week’s wrapup. I got a ton of emails about them, so here’s another one for your listening pleasure. I already have a soft spot for this song, and these sisters really do it justice! Now if they could only learn some J-Lo, it’d totally make my month.

Enjoy your weekend!

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