Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Things I think about on the way back from the gym.

Wait, are hammer pants back? And if so, why did we insist on making them uglier? Seriously, New Yorkers, we don’t need more reasons for people to hate us. Also, your pants look dumb.

Why do you hate normal pants, New York?


Clearly a budding fashionista who definitely should be critiquing others.

Something to also note: I’m wearing glitter shoes today. Because that’s what adults who want to be respected in the workplace do. I looked down and thought "Wow, Beck, you reallyare pulled together today! Elegant and understated with just a hint of sparkle!" Then this conversation happened:

Co-worker: "Are you wearing glitter shoes?"
Me: "Yes!"
Co-worker: "Those look like Dorothy's shoes from the Wizard of Oz."
Me: "Um, those were red. These are silvery. Totally different."
Co-worker: "Oh, and you have glitter on your face. And pants."

Glitter Tuesday.

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