Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Friday Funday Wrapup! And some exciting news! (kind of. To me. Maybe not anyone else. Now you've been warned.)

Happy Friday, everyone! You know what this means……it’s the Friday Funday Wrapup! Let’s get to it.
First of all, this morning at work I was discussing a big project with a colleague and apparently I made some comments that sounded somewhat intelligent and got all of this praise and glory and life was wonderful. So obviously, when I sat back down at my desk, I was feeling pretty good about myself and how tremendously smart I am.

And then I opened up the web and saw a teaser that said “Does World’s Cutest Dog Have a Dark Secret?” and I immediately clicked on it because, contrary to just moments ago when I felt like an intellectual superior, I am who I am. Let’s get real. Anytime I see a teaser like that – and a picture of the world’s cutest dog! – I have to go back to my roots, to the heart of who I truly am, and open that story right up and dive in.

He s obviously hiding a lot of pain behind those adorable eyes and button nose. It s always the innocent looking ones, I ll tell ya what.

Oh, and I got this in my Inbox first thing this morning from a co-worker who obviously knows how to start my day off right. Perfection.

And lastly, a few exciting things are happening in the world of this blog. Also, I think if you’re going for the literal use of the word “exciting”, then maybe it doesn’t really pertain except to, you know, me. BUT, last Friday I dropped the excitement bomb about some cool new developments I’d be telling you about soon, which basically just lead to everyone thinking that CB and I were moving in together and then saw me spending the rest of the weekend holding a bag to his mouth while he hyperventilated. Whatevs.
Anyway, I can tell you two pieces of fun news now. The first is that I’m working on a re-design of this blog, so in the coming weeks keep an eye out for a new and improved Stories About My Underpants. I know, you can hardly contain your glee. It’s hard to be this cool all the time, let me tell you.

The second piece of fun news is that I had the opportunity to chat with Julia Allison earlier this week – even after I sort of posted an entire blog about how the 73 point checklist is ridiculous. So keep an eye out for that blog post sometime next week! Trust me, it was hard-hitting stuff. I totally got some deep dark secrets out of her about underpants. And no, I'm not kidding.

And there’s one more exciting piece of news, but I need to keep you guys on the hook for that just a bit longer. However, I promise it’ll be worth the wait! I think. Or not. Well you’ll just have to wait and see now won’t you!

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